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Are there any specific bathing techniques that can help my child with eczema or other skin conditions?

Hi everyone,

I am a mother of a 4-year-old child who has been suffering from eczema for quite a while now. I have noticed that his condition gets worse after his bath time, which is supposed to soothe his skin. I have tried several soaps and moisturizers, but nothing seems to work for him. Therefore, I am looking for some specific bathing techniques that can help my child with eczema or other skin conditions.

I would really appreciate any suggestions or advice from parents who have dealt with similar situations or from anyone who has researched this topic. Thank you in advance.

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Hi all,

I have struggled with eczema on and off for many years, and I've found that the bathing techniques that work for me involve avoiding any irritants that could trigger a flare-up. For example, I never use scented soaps or bubble baths, since they can contain fragrance or other chemicals that irritate the skin.

I also prefer to take shorter, cooler showers or baths instead of long, hot ones. Warm water can help to soothe the skin and open up pores, but hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. I've found that using lukewarm water helps maintain skin moisture without exacerbating eczema symptoms.

Lastly, I use moisturizing, fragrance-free lotions and ointments immediately after my shower or bath to lock in moisture. I avoid using any products that contain alcohol, which can dry out the skin. I also avoid using loofahs or other textured sponges, which can be too rough for eczema-prone skin.

I hope these tips help anyone who is struggling with eczema or other skin conditions!



My son has also suffered from eczema, and I have tried a few different bathing techniques. I found that using a bleach bath helped to reduce the redness and itching associated with eczema. Bleach bath sounds scary, but it's actually quite simple. I mixed 1/2 cup of bleach in a full bathtub of lukewarm water. I made sure to mix the water well and then soak for around 5-10 minutes.

I also found that using a humidifier in his room at night helped to keep his skin moisturized. Dry air can exacerbate eczema symptoms, so keeping the air moist can help to reduce the itching.

When drying my son after his bath, I pat him dry instead of rubbing him dry. Rubbing can irritate the skin and worsen eczema symptoms. Additionally, I make sure to apply a fragrance-free moisturizer while his skin is still damp.

I hope these tips are helpful, and I wish you all the best in finding a solution for your child's eczema!


Hello everyone,

My daughter has mild eczema and I've been trying to find ways to manage her condition. I've found that using a bath oil has been helpful in keeping her skin moisturized and preventing flare-ups after bath time. I add a few drops of bath oil to her bathwater and let her soak in it for about 15 minutes.

I also avoid using any soap or cleansers directly on her skin, and instead just use a soft, clean cloth to gently wash her. After the bath, I let her air dry instead of using a towel to pat her skin dry. When her skin is almost dry, I apply a fragrance-free moisturizer to her skin.

I make sure to keep her fingernails short since scratching could worsen her condition. Lastly, I always dress her in loose, cotton clothing that won't irritate her sensitive skin.

I hope these techniques help any parents out there who are struggling to keep their child's eczema under control.


Hi everyone,

My daughter had severe eczema and was always in pain after bathing. After trying out several different bathing techniques, I found that adding oatmeal to her bath water was incredibly soothing for her inflamed skin. Oatmeal is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the redness and irritation. I used plain, unflavored oatmeal, crushed it into a fine powder, and sprinkled it into her bathwater.

I also switched to a mild soap specifically made for eczema and avoided using a washcloth as it can be too abrasive for the skin. After the bath, I patted her skin dry, never rubbed, and applied a fragrance-free ointment to her skin while it was still damp.

I found that bathing her every other day instead of every day helped as well, as it gave her skin time to heal and recover in between baths. I hope these tips help and provide relief for your child's eczema.


Hey there,

My son has been dealing with eczema for as long as I can remember, but I have found a combination of several bathing techniques that have helped alleviate his symptoms over the years. I make sure to use warm water instead of hot water, and use gentle, fragrance-free soaps and shampoos that don't have any harsh chemicals or irritants.

To keep his skin moisturized, I have found that coconut oil works great as a natural lubricant, which I apply to his skin before bath time. After the bath, I towel dry my son and apply a mild, fragrance-free lotion to his skin.

Another technique that has worked is using a colloidal oatmeal bath. I put plain oatmeal in a clean sock or cheesecloth, tie it up, and let it soak in warm bathwater for about 10-15 minutes before I put him in. It's important to make sure that your child doesn't drink the water, and while in the bath make sure he doesn't run or splash around too much, or it can end up making his eczema worse.

Using these techniques, I have been able to control my son's eczema without having to resort to topical steroids, which is what I always wanted to avoid. I hope some of these tips help other parents going through a similar situation.


Hi there,

My son also suffers from eczema, and I completely understand your concern. After trying various bathing techniques, I have found that using lukewarm water instead of hot water helped to prevent flare-ups after the bath. Additionally, I avoid using harsh soaps and instead use a gentle, fragrance-free body wash specially formulated for sensitive skin.

I also make sure to apply a moisturizer immediately after the bath while the skin is still damp. This helps to lock in the moisture and prevents dryness. I have found that using an ointment rather than a lotion is more effective, but it is a matter of personal preference.

Finally, I make sure to limit my son's bath time to no more than 10 minutes as prolonged exposure to water can further dry out the skin. I hope these tips help and provide some relief for your child's eczema.

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