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Are there any eco-friendly toy options for my baby?

Hi everyone,

I am a new mom and I have been trying to make more eco-friendly choices for my baby. I am now looking for some toy options that are also environmentally friendly. I want to make sure that the toys won't harm the environment and are safe for my baby to play with.

Do you guys have any suggestions for eco-friendly toy options for babies? Are there any specific brands or materials that I should look for? Any input or personal experience on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

As a mother who is also trying to make more eco-friendly choices for my child, I can completely relate to your concern about finding the right toys for your baby. I have tried a few different options and have found one particular brand that I absolutely adore - PlanToys.

PlanToys is a company that is committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. They use only sustainable materials like rubberwood, which is sourced from trees that are no longer producing rubber and would be otherwise discarded. All of their toys are made with non-formaldehyde glue and water-based, non-toxic dyes, ensuring that they are safe for babies.

One of the toys that I have gotten for my baby and really loved is the PlanToys Baby Key Rattle. This rattle is made from all-natural rubberwood and has soft, rubbery keys that make a gentle rattling sound, perfect for little hands.

I have also been eyeing the PlanToys Baby Car, which is made from the same sustainable rubberwood and has a cute little driver inside that spins as the car rolls. I love the fact that PlanToys has such a wide range of toys for babies, from simple teethers and rattles to more complex toys that encourage imaginative play.

I hope this has been helpful for you, and I wish you all the best in your search for eco-friendly toy options for your little one.


Hey there,

As a mom who tries to make sustainable choices, I completely understand your concern about eco-friendly toys for your little one. I have been looking for similar options and have had a great experience with wooden toys.

Grimm's toys is a brand that is made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, and they offer a variety of toys for babies. I recently purchased their wooden rattle that comes in various shapes and colors, and my baby seems to love it.

Another brand that I have come across is Pebble, a Fairtrade brand that offers beautiful handmade toys made from soft, organic cotton. They have a range of knitted toys like rattles and stuffed animals, which are safe for babies.

One other option is the teething toys made of natural rubber. Sophie The Giraffe is a popular brand that can be found in many baby stores, but there are also other similar brands like CaaOcho that make similar toys. These are non-toxic, easy-to-clean and, most importantly, safe for babies to chew on.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful for you to consider eco-friendly toys options for your little one.



As a mom who is constantly on the lookout for eco-friendly options for my baby, I have come across a few brands that I think might interest you. One of my go-to brands is Wee Gallery. They offer a range of toys, from organic cotton soft toys to wooden puzzles, all made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

One of their bestsellers is the Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby, which comes in black and white patterns that have been proven to stimulate baby's visual development. I love this option because it's simple, yet effective, and can grow with the baby as he or she develops.

Another great brand that I have used for my baby is Lanco. They make eco-friendly baby toys from 100% natural rubber, which is non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable. Their teething toys are particularly popular, and come in cute animal shapes that are perfect for little hands to hold and chew on.

Lastly, I want to recommend another brand that I think you might like - BeginAgain. Their toys are made from natural materials, like organic cotton and sustainably harvested wood. They make puzzles, bath toys, and stackers, among other things. I have personally tried their Bathtub Ball Shark Tank set, and it has been my baby's favorite bath toy so far.

I hope this recommendation will help you find the right eco-friendly toys for your little one. Remember, every small step towards sustainability is a great achievement!


Hi there,

As a father of a 6-month-old baby girl, I have also been looking for eco-friendly options for my daughter's toys. One brand that I have found particularly useful is Mary Meyer, which offers a range of organic baby toys that are made from sustainable materials, like cotton, wool, and bamboo.

One of their popular toys is the WubbaNub pacifier, which is made with an organic cotton cover and filled with chemical-free natural rubber. The attached stuffed animal is made with soft, cuddly fabric, which my baby loves to snuggle.

Another option I've tried is the Montessori-style wooden toys. The brand Lovevery is a Montessori-inspired toy company that makes toys that are designed to help babies develop their natural skills, like grasping, reaching and exploring. Their wooden blocks and mirrors are particularly popular, and my baby loves playing with them.

Lastly, I want to recommend a brand called Little Bot. They offer a range of eco-friendly toys, teethers, and play mats made with non-toxic materials such as natural rubber and organic cotton. We have their natural rubber teething toy, and my daughter loves to chew on it, as it has a great texture and is easy for her to hold.

I hope these suggestions help you on your journey to finding eco-friendly toy options for your baby. Remember, every little choice we make towards sustainability can have a big impact on the environment.


Hi there,

Congratulations on becoming a new mom! I completely understand your concern regarding eco-friendly toys for your baby. I try to make eco-friendly choices for my little one as well and have found some great options.

One brand that I really like is Green Toys. They make their toys from recycled plastic milk jugs, which is pretty cool. Their toys, such as their blocks and stacking cups, are perfect for babies and are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

I've also purchased some wooden toys for my baby, which are made from sustainable materials. Brands like Plan Toys and Hape make some great wooden toys. I especially love the Hape shape sorting toy and my baby enjoys playing with it as well.

Another option you could try is cloth or fabric toys. They are made from natural and sustainable materials, and can be washed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. I've picked up some cute animal plushies from Under the Nile, which are made from organic Egyptian cotton.

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas for eco-friendly baby toys!


Hello everyone,

As a parent who prioritizes eco-friendliness, I completely understand the need to find sustainable toy options for your babies. My recommendation is to consider toys made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, and organic cotton.

One eco-friendly toy brand that I have personally used and loved is MOLUK. They make unique, durable toys that are made with high-quality materials. Their Oogi toy, for example, is a simple yet fun toy made from medical-grade silicone, which is safe for babies to play with and easy to clean. My baby loves playing with it and squeezing it!

Another brand worth considering is Little Sapling Toys. They make beautiful wooden toys, teethers, and personalized gifts that are made from FSC-certified hardwoods and finished with non-toxic finishes. Their wooden teethers are particularly popular and come in different shapes and styles that are perfect for soothing and stimulating teething babies.

Lastly, I want to recommend a brand called Tegu. They make magnetic wooden blocks that are sustainably sourced from Honduras and designed to last a lifetime. My baby loves playing with them and I love that they are made without any harmful chemicals or glues.

In conclusion, there are many eco-friendly toy options for babies out there, and these are just a few that I have personally tried and loved. I hope this helps you in your search for sustainable and safe toys for your little ones.

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