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Are there any books that focus on different textures and materials for babies?

Hello everyone,

I am an expecting mother and I am trying to prepare myself for my baby's arrival. I have heard that babies love to explore different textures and materials, and I want to provide my baby with a variety of sensory experiences. Therefore, I am looking for books that focus on different textures and materials for babies. I want something that is informative but also engaging, with pictures and descriptions of different textures that babies can touch and feel. Can anyone recommend any books that fit this description? Thank you in advance!

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Hi everyone!

Apart from the board books, I would also like to suggest "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. This charming classic children's book could also be a great source of exploration for babies to experience different textures and materials.

The book is easy to read with colorful pages that are visually appealing to young children. The illustrations are large and easy to find, and each page has different textures, which allow babies to touch, feel and play. For example, the caterpillar has charming little holes in it that toddlers love to stick their fingers into, and the fruit illustrations have glitter and patterns that babies love to touch and feel.

This book is also educational; it can help teach children concepts such as counting and the days of the week. It's a great book to begin your baby's library, and it's a timeless classic that your child will likely enjoy for years to come.

I hope you find this recommendation helpful!


Hi everyone!

I highly recommend the book "Baby Touch and Feel: Animals" by DK Publishing. It's a board book filled with pictures of different animals, which features various textured surfaces for sensory play. Some of the animals include a fluffy kitten, a scaly lizard, a woolly sheep, and a bumpy frog.

This book is perfect for babies and young children as it helps them develop their sensory skills. The colorful illustrations in the book are eye-catching, and the textures really help engage children as they explore the different animals. Moreover, the board book stands up well to rough handling from curious little hands and more durable than other baby books around.

My daughter loves reading this book, and I believe it has helped encourage her curiosity and love of animals. So if you also want to provide your child a sensory experience while exploring the animal world, "Baby Touch and Feel: Animals" could be an excellent choice for you.

I hope this helps!


Hello everyone!

As an early childhood educator, one book that I would highly recommend is "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown. Though it is not a touch and feel book, it is a classic bedtime story that engages babies with its simple, rhythmic language and illustrations.

The book has a very calming effect on children and can help them fall asleep quickly. The illustrations are soft and muted, which makes it perfect for use during nap time and is easy on the child's eyes. The book also has repetitive text, which can help babies recognize sounds and patterns in language.

Moreover, while it may seem simple at first glance, "Goodnight Moon" promotes language development, early literacy skills, and ultimately, a love for reading. As an educator, I feel this book is an essential in every child's library.

Overall, I highly recommend "Goodnight Moon" if you want to introduce your little one to the magic of books and help them build a positive association with reading.



As an early childhood educator, I can suggest a book that might be perfect for your goals - "That's Not My…" series by Fiona Watt. These are fantastic sensory board books that are designed to help babies and young children explore different textures and materials.

Each book in the series features a simple, repetitive storyline that introduces various textures and materials, such as bumpy, furry, soft, and shiny. The stories also have colorful illustrations that help children connect with the different fabrics, and textures featured on each page.

These books are incredibly fun and engaging for young children, and they can help promote sensory development and language development. You can find variations of these books such as "That's Not My Dinosaur," "That's Not My Puppy," "That's Not My Car," and more.

I have seen children who enjoy these books so much that they want to read them over and over again. It's also worth noting that the board books are sturdy, so they can withstand being tossed around or chewed on by curious little hands.

I hope you find this recommendation helpful!


Hello everyone!

I recommend the book "Never Touch a Shark" by Make Believe Ideas. It's a board book with bright, bold illustrations of sharks, and each page features unique textures for babies to discover and explore. The book not only provides the opportunity for sensory play but also offers a splash of knowledge about sea creatures.

The textures in the book are so much fun for my daughter to touch and feel, and each texture is related to the shark in the illustration. My daughter has developed a fascination with sharks since we bought this book, and she often asks for us to read it together. The book is also quite durable, and it can withstand being chewed on, thrown around, and handled by curious little hands.

The language and text in the book are also catchy and rhythmic, adding an extra element of fun to the reading experience. Thus, I highly recommend "Never Touch a Shark" if you want to introduce your little ones to different textures and develop their fascination for sea creatures.

I hope this suggestion helps!


Hey there!

A book that I would recommend is "Pat the Bunny" by Dorothy Kunhardt. This classic book has been around for generations and is still popular among parents today. It's not just a touch and feel book; it's also an interactive book with elements like peek-a-boo and sniffing.

The book engages babies and encourages them to interact with the book by patting bunny's furry stomach, playing peek-a-boo with bunny's ears, and smelling the flowers. The language is simple and easy to follow, so it's perfect for parents to read out loud and bond with their little ones.

My son adores this book and seems to never get bored of it. He often finds new elements to interact with each time he reads it. The book is well made, and the pages are sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. The colors are bright and attractive, making it perfect for newborns and toddlers alike.

So, if you want to introduce your baby to interactive books with different textures, sounds, and visuals, "Pat the Bunny" is a great choice.


Hi there!

As a first-time mother, I had the same concern and I found a book that might be of help to you. It's called "Touch and Feel: Baby Animals" by DK Publishing. It's a sensory board book that features different textures and materials that babies can touch and feel, such as fur, feathers, and scales. The book also has cute pictures of baby animals that can capture your baby's attention while introducing them to various textures and materials.

My baby loves this book and it has become one of her favorites since she was three months old. It's great for sensory stimulation and can also help develop your baby's hand-eye coordination. I highly recommend it!

Hope this helps and good luck with your baby preparations.


Hello there!

When my son was born, I was also keen to introduce him to different textures and materials to help stimulate his senses. I found a book called "Hello, Bugs!" by Smriti Prasadam-Halls, which is a lovely interactive board book that features different textured bugs.

The book engages babies and toddlers with bumpy antennae for tactile play, colorful illustrations of various bugs and their habitats, and a crinkly last page that doubles as a bug's wings. The illustrations are beautiful and eye-catching, and the book itself is made up of sturdy board pages which are easy for little fingers to turn over.

My son absolutely loved this book when he was a baby; it's interactive and engaging, and it encouraged him to explore his senses. The book is also educational, and it helped him learn about the different types of bugs and their habitats. Overall, I highly recommend "Hello, Bugs!" for parents who want to introduce their little ones to different textures and materials.

I hope this helps!

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