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Are there any bilingual books for babies that you would recommend?

Hi everyone,

I am a new parent and I am trying to expose my baby to different languages from an early age. I am looking for bilingual books that I can read to my baby that feature both English and another language. I believe that this will help my baby develop language skills in both languages. However, I am not sure where to start looking for bilingual books suitable for babies. Can anyone recommend any books that they have used with their own children or that they have heard good things about? I would appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thank you!

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Hello there!

As a bilingual parent, I would like to recommend a bilingual board book called "Besos for Baby: A Little Book of Kisses" by Jen Arena. This book features illustrations of adorable babies of different ethnicities and genders, and it explores the concept of love and affection through simple and sweet bilingual text (English and Spanish).

Another great bilingual book that we have used with our baby is "My First Bilingual Little Readers: Level A" by Deborah Schecter. This set of 25 mini-books introduces simple vocabulary and sentences in both English and Spanish, with corresponding images. The books are small and easy for little hands to hold and explore, which makes them perfect for babies and toddlers who are starting to learn a new language.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful! Have fun reading bilingual books to your little one.


Hello there,

As a bilingual parent, I would like to recommend a bilingual book that was a hit with both of my children - "The Cat in the Hat / El Gato Ensombrerado" by Dr. Seuss. This classic children's book has been translated into different languages, including Spanish and features the original English text alongside the Spanish translation. The book not only helps your child learn and practice Spanish but also provides plenty of fun and entertainment while reading it together.

Another bilingual book that my family has enjoyed is "Little Red Riding Hood/Caperucita Roja" by Candice Ransom. The book features both English and Spanish text alongside beautiful illustrations that make the story more engaging for both parents and children. It's a great way to introduce your child to classic fairy tales in both languages.

I hope these recommendations are helpful to you in finding a great bilingual book for your baby. Enjoy reading them together!


Hello everyone,

As a language enthusiast and frequent traveler, I would like to recommend the "First Words" series by Lonely Planet Kids. Each book in the series features 100 easy-to-learn words in a different language, with bright and colorful illustrations to depict each word. The books are available in a range of languages including Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Japanese, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Another great bilingual book that I recommend is "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" by Karen Katz. The book is a classic that toddlers love to read and it also comes in a bilingual version with English and Spanish text. It's a great book for teaching basic body parts vocabulary in both languages, while also promoting interactive play with your little one.

I hope these recommendations help in your hunt for bilingual books for your baby. Enjoy introducing your little one to a world of new languages and cultures!


Hi there,

As a parent of a bilingual child, I highly recommend the series of books by author Eric Carle, which feature both English and Spanish translations side-by-side on each page. The titles include "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" My child loved these books and it helped her pick up Spanish quickly.

Another great series is the "Bright Baby" series by Roger Priddy. The books feature simple images with both English and another language such as Spanish, French, or Mandarin. They are perfect for babies and toddlers, as the images are colorful and the books are durable.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with your journey of teaching your baby a second language!


Hey there,

I am not a parent, but I am a language learner and a big fan of bilingual books. I recently stumbled upon a bilingual book called "Loteria: First Words / Primeras Palabras" by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein. It's a beautifully illustrated book that features vibrant images of the popular game "Loteria" which is similar to bingo, with the English and Spanish word for each image. I think it would be great for teaching babies their first words in both English and Spanish.

Another book I would recommend is "First 100 Words Bilingual: Primeras 100 Palabras - Spanish-English Bilingual" by Roger Priddy. The book is an excellent resource for teaching basic vocabulary, and it can be used for children of all ages. The images are clear, and the pages are sturdy, making it perfect for babies/toddlers who love to touch and explore everything.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you!


Hi there,

As a bilingual educator, I would like to recommend a great bilingual board book called "Global Babies" by the Global Fund for Children. The book features photographs of babies from different cultures and backgrounds all around the world, with simple bilingual text (English and Spanish) describing the different types of clothing, food, and activities of each baby's culture. It's a great book for introducing babies to the diversity of the world around them and promoting cultural understanding from an early age.

Another great bilingual book that I recommend is "Canticos: Los Pollitos / Little Chickies" by Susie Jaramillo. The book is based on a popular Spanish nursery rhyme "Los Pollitos Dicen" and features a set of board pages that fold out to reveal the words and illustrations of the beloved classic song. The book is great for teaching young children Spanish through singing and is perfect for babies and toddlers who are just starting to learn a new language.

I hope these recommendations help you find a good bilingual book for your little one!

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