Remember the movie Sixth Sense where the main character, Haley Joel Osment, saw dead people?

Well, as far-fetched as it may seem, there is a high chance that most children and babies can see ghosts. However, an encounter with a spirit is usually no big deal for them; it’s adults that freak out and want to arrange an exorcism post-haste.

Why Can Babies See Ghosts?

Why can babies see ghosts

According to some experts, it’s not uncommon for spirits to visit babies and children. Caron Goode, a licensed counselor, psychotherapist and author of Kids Who See Ghosts (affiliate link), believes that children are far more open minded.

They see the world differently to us and haven’t experienced society’s preconceived ideas of what’s right or wrong, real or not, yet.

Whether it’s true or not, there are a few reasons that explain why they would be able to see entities adults can’t, or won’t. One common belief they experience spirits is because they’re still close to Source or God, a loving energy where we all come from; they are pure and untainted.

As time goes by, the majority of children lose this ability. We told them it’s not normal, that they’re making up stories and we laugh and joke at tales of their imaginary friends. Eventually, they stop believing too and shut down that part of their brain.

Do you think your baby can see ghosts? Has your child told you about the old lady that comes to visit him? Before you disregard the possibility and put it down to their vivid imagination, here are a few ways to tell if your baby can see a ghost.

10 Ways to Know If Your Baby Can See Ghosts

Ways to know if your baby can see ghosts

  1. Your baby stares off blankly, seemingly at nothing, while cooing and babbling away.
  2. You notice your child “playing” with something or someone you can’t see.
  3. Your child talks to himself often.
  4. ​You often need to pour a glass of juice or prepare an extra sandwich for an imaginary friend.
  5. ​Your child speaks about meeting or talking to people you haven’t met.
  6. ​You are frequently asked to check for monsters under the bed or the bogeyman in the cupboard.
  7. Your child refuses to go into a room or space for no apparent reason.
  8. Your baby suddenly picks up a different accent.
  9. ​Your child refers to events or experiences you know nothing about.
  10. You hear your child passes on messages from loved ones that have passed.

As weird as these moments may feel and regardless if you’re freaked out by it or not, there are some things you can do. Whether it’s to encourage this particular gift, or at the very least to not make your children feel like they’re abnormal.

What to Do When Your Baby Can See Ghosts?

The general rule of thumb as a parent is never to disregard or belittle your child when they tell you something; whether it’s about being bullied at school, an adult maybe spanking them, or that they can see spirits.

Tip Of The Day

No matter what your beliefs are, if your child speaks about something or someone you can’t or won’t see, you need to take them seriously. Even if your world view doesn’t allow you to entertain the thought, trust what they say.

What to do when your child can see a ghost

Because we’ve been conditioned not to believe in things we can’t see, our immediate reaction as adults is to reject children. Typically, we tell them they’re talking nonsense, that they’re making things up and things like demons and monsters don’t exist.

Our preconceived ideas and fears of a spirit world also have us wanting to protect our children from it. For most parents, the only way is to tell them that there are no such things as ghosts and ghouls.

Below are a few practical ways you can help your child when they mention the unmentionable.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm When Babies Can See Ghosts

Even though your natural instinct is to pack your bags and move out without a forwarding address, it’s important for you to stay calm.

First, speak to your child about his experience. Ask him to tell you what he see and make sure you listen, without telling him not be silly or that what he’s saying is nonsense.

By doing so, you can keep the lines of communication open so that your child is comfortable to share his experience with you.

Be Aware of Your Child’s Emotions

If your child seems to enjoy content playing with his ghostly friend and he doesn’t seem stressed by it, then there is no reason to be worried.

If you’re battling to get your head around the idea, think of it as his imaginary friend, or he has an incredible role-playing ability, which is boosted by the pretend play toys.

On the other hand, if your child is distressed or scared of what they see, explain that ghosts, or spirits can’t do any harm and that they’re just visiting.

Distract Them

Some parents or adults consider these sightings a gift and will be comfortable to encourage their children. While some might believe their babies are mediums and will find ways to hone their talents.

Distract Your Child

However, if the idea of ghosts stomping upstairs and playing in the garden freaks you out, you can distract them and not pay too much attention to the stories. Like when your toddler drops the F-Bomb for the first time, play it down and don’t make a big deal of it.

There are chances that they will outgrow it.

Spend More Time With Them

Ghosts appear more often if they’re acknowledged. If your kids tell you, “I see ghosts!”, spend more quality time with them, such as getting them involved in the kitchen.

The more our children get to interact with people, living not dead, the less they’ll notice the ghosts and spirits around them.

Don’t Be Scared

It is possible that babies can see ghosts and there are several signs your child may have this unusual ability. However, it’s not necessary to rush out and buy holy water or contact Ghost Busters. Take it in your stride and consider it a gift!

If you have any questions or want to share your stories about this, please let me know by commenting below. It would be my pleasure to hear from you.