If you think you might be pregnant, this is an abnormally uncertain time for you. You might be filled with much in trepidation, fear, and anxiety as well as a little bit of excitement hopefully.

Naturally, you will want to get this confirmed as soon as possible. Today, we will introduce you a fun, yet reliable way to do it with a very simple homemade pregnancy test that many women swear by: bleach pregnancy test.

Symptoms That You Are Pregnant

Here are a few symptoms that you could be feeling which are making you confused:

If you’re feeling one or more of these things, you should take a pregnancy test immediately.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Bleach Pregnancy Test: Things to Know

For hundreds of years before the invention of store-bought pregnancy tests, women had been figuring out that they were expecting. In fact, you also have household items at home right now that can be used to test for the presence of pregnancy-related hormones in your body.

The most common, and reportedly the most reliable of them is the bleach pregnancy test. It is a very old-fashioned trick to check if you are pregnant, but does it actually work?

At first mention of this test, it may sound a little painful. But let me assure you, you do not need to apply, inject or insert bleach to any part of your body in this common homemade pregnancy test. You can breathe again now, and continue reading this post .​

1. Why Should You Take the Bleach Pregnancy Test?

Why Bleach Pregnancy Test

  • It could be more convenient for you to use items you already have at home rather than going out to the drugstore for a test, particularly if the weather’s bad or it’s late at night or very early in the morning.
  • For private reasons, you may not want your local drugstore knowing that you might be pregnant.
  • Sometimes, women need to test often if they are pregnant, and this method is a whole lot cheaper than buying test after test for you just to pee on.

2. How to Perform Bleach Pregnancy Test?

You need Bleach Powder or Liquid Chlorine Bleach, a good urine sample (first thing in the morning is the best), and a disposable container and stick or disposable spoon for mixing. Of course, you will not be reusing any of the objects for eating purposes.

The method is hardly scientific: collect the urine sample in the container, add some bleach to it and mix, then wait a little while (up to an hour apparently). If you get foam or bubbles or fizziness, chances are you’re pregnant. If there is no reaction, you’re not. Very simple!

3. Precautions

Bleach Pregnancy Test Precautions

  • It is recommended that you cover your mouth and nose with a mask or handkerchief, and wear gloves on your hands for protection.
  • Don’t put the bleach in the cup first and then attempt to pee in it – it may splash and hurt you. Also, be very careful when pouring the bleach into the pee to not splash. Concentrated bleach can also affect your clothes and your furniture.
  • The mix can create some fumes and gasses which you should not breathe in directly, so make sure you do this in a well-ventilated space. It could be a really good idea to do this outside. Maybe put some pants on first.

4. Does the Bleach Pregnancy Test Work?

The bleach tests for hCG in the urine, same as any store-bought test. HCG is most concentrated in your first morning urine, so it is always best to perform the test in the morning.

As store-bought tests are fallible, this can fail too. You may have hCG in your urine for other reasons such as medical conditions or infections, and medications including fertility drugs, so may get frothy bleach bubbles but not actually be pregnant. However, this is extremely rare.

Also, you may have no reaction show in the bleach test but still be pregnant as you are low in hCG. There is no set guidelines as to quantities or ratios of the liquids, or the amount of time to wait, or if you’ve waited too long.

You will only truly know you are pregnant by consulting with a doctor.​

Consult a Doctor to Know If You Are Pregnant

Other Homemade Pregnancy Tests

  • Toothpaste – mix a little plain white toothpaste into your first morning urine. If the mixture turns a little bluish or starts foaming, you could be pregnant.
  • Sugar – put 2-3 tbsp sugar in a container, and then collect your first morning urine in it. If the sugar clumps, this could be a sign you are pregnant, if it dissolves you are not.​
  • Dandelion – place a few dandelion leaves in a cup, then add your first morning urine. Red blisters will appear on the leaves after 10 minutes if you are pregnant.
  • Soap – you can wee on a small piece of soap (first thing in the morning) and if after a few minutes the soap begins to bubble or froth, you could be pregnant.

It could be a good idea to do a test more than once on different days to confirm the results. Also, it could be helpful to confirm using a different type of test the second time.


This can be a great method for checking your pregnancy as it’s cheap and easy, but you do need to do the test carefully. You also need to not depend on the accuracy of the results too much, because although it does work, it can be tricky to do and easy to interpret wrong.

Regardless of the result, you should confirm with another test and trust your gut. If you are getting positive results, then get yourself to a doctor as soon as you can start planning the best care for you and your baby.

If you want to share your thought about this, I would be very happy if you post it below.

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