Parental control in the past was turning on kids’ mode on the device and restrict them from digital use. But that is a poor approach; children can easily turn off this mode because they are well aware of advanced technology.

The better approach for monitoring kids is installing parental monitoring app software. It will give teens space to use smartphones freely, and at the same time, parents can monitor every activity through the app. Monitor your kid’s online activity and feel relaxed without putting in much effort.

Why TheWiSpy is the best monitoring software?

TheWiSpy is a child phone monitoring app that allows parents effective control over digital devices; they can monitor kid’s online activity remotely through this app. There is plenty of monitoring apps available in this era, but not every monitoring app fits an individual’s need. For example, an app to track a kid’s phone is a specific need; parents would want a tracking app that can offer effective parental controls along with quality results.

TheWiSpy has more than 30 advanced tracking features and functions specially designed to monitor teen’s online usage. Thousands of users are satisfied with because it offers 100% accurate real-time results. The advanced features are cherry on top for parents who want to spy but are naïve with technology. Users will have to click features, and monitoring will start right away.

How does it work?

The working of TheWiSpy child phone monitoring app is easy to understand for all users. The team works hard to provide a user-friendly interface for the customers. All unique features will function effectively with few clicks.

The first thing to do is install the application and set up the hacking purpose. A parent can log in to a dashboard and get information in few minutes. It works in an incognito mode that makes it impossible to detect the application and make the tracking experience amazing.

Standards that make the best parental monitoring app:

Every app is distinguished from others based on some standards. It’s the same for TheWiSpy parental monitoring app software; standard services make TheWiSpy the best parental control app ever. Every user wants to experience a quality service that can fulfill their monitoring desire. Following are some unmatchable services that TheWiSpy provides.

Remote monitoring:

Spying requires physical access to the target, and if the spying is on a digital device, then you may require access to the target device. What if I tell you that remote monitoring is available without mandatory physical presence, except for installing the app on the device. It will reduce the effort of parents to nag their children and checking their devices all the time.

Quality customer support:

It is very important for customers to feel acknowledged when they have queries about the product. It establishes trust with the company and brings customer satisfaction. TheWiSpy has quality customer support that is available 24/7. TheWiSpy team works hard to be available for the customers and resolve their technical, product-related, and general questions in seconds.

Real-time result:

The main goal of using an app to track kids’ phones is to keep real-time updates of their activities. No matter how advanced an app is, it still requires some time to fetch information, process, and bring results.

TheWiSpy on the other hand offer real-time results with an advanced monitoring feature. The application keeps track of the live location of the target smartphone and provides instant alerts as notification. Not only the results are real-time, but with accuracy guaranteed.

Reasonable pricing:

It might shock you with surprise, but TheWiSpy offers all these advanced features at reasonable pricing. That’s right! TheWiSpy offers parental monitoring app software for just $9.99. Users with different requirements can select other reasonable plans available on the official website.

User-friendly interface:

Parents who aren’t familiar with technology and struggle to use the app to track kids’ phones should no longer worry. TheWiSpy has a user-friendly interface that even a naïve user can use as a master. An easy user guide is available for each feature that parents can follow to monitor without much trouble.

Android compatible app:

TheWiSpy is an android child phone monitoring app that is compatible with most android devices. The user should check the compatibility of their device before purchasing the app license. TheWiSpy can install on any android device that has OS 4 or more.

TheWiSpy features:

The monitoring has been made easier with highly effective and advanced features. These features offer parental control that helps them track each digital activity sitting in a remote area. Following are some highly used and recommended parental controls for hacking.

Key features:

Call monitoring:

It is quite easy to monitor all call logs with one single feature. Parents can view and block incoming and outgoing calls remotely.

Text message monitoring:

Child phone monitoring apps can track text messages from all applications installed on the target smartphone. Text message monitoring will allow parents to read chats through access to the apps offering texting features.

Live GPS location tracking:

The biggest concern parents have is where their teens are. TheWiSpy parental control monitoring app helps by offering live GPS location of the teens in seconds; the tracking results are in real-time that makes TheWiSpy more trustworthy.


Restricting websites and apps is a feature of monitoring apps, but TheWiSpy has an advanced feature called geofencing. It allows parents to restrict children from certain places by setting boundaries. The minute kids cross the limited area, parents get the notification alerts.

App monitoring:

Parents have full remote access to the target device to monitor all apps installed on the smartphone. They can view the application use and restrict them from using inappropriate apps.

Surround recording monitoring:

It is an advanced feature that allows parents to record the live conversation from a remote place and listen to it later.

Conclusion Thought:

Parental monitoring apps have made tracking easier for parents, and they can install the application instead of nagging. TheWiSpy has the best spying features that can help you monitor your kid’s online activity in seconds. Please don’t believe the words but believe thousands of satisfied parents after using TheWiSpy parental control app.