Babies can become quite restless when their diapers are dirty and start to irritate them at night. This could also potentially break their sleeping cycle and sadly, it will also disturb yours, too.

Moreover, leaking diaper at night could also lead to a miserable day with a lack of sleep for your baby. Therefore, the best overnight diapers can help to keep your child dry and also allow them to sleep better when they might have alleviated themselves.

We have set out to find the best overnight diapers and show you how these diapers can be helpful to you. Some of these diapers might be expensive, but it is hard to really put a price tag on having a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Overnigt Diaper NameSizePriceOur Ratings
Sposie Booster Pads Diaper DoublerAdjustable$$5/5
Pampers Swaddlers DiapersN, 1-6$4.9/5
Bambo Nature Maxi Baby Diapers1-6$$$4.2/5
Huggies Overnites Diapers3-6$$4/5
GoodNites Bedtime PantsS-M, L-XL$$$$4.5/5

These diapers have also been quality tested to ensure that they’re not harmful to your baby and also provide maximum comfort. Before we dive into the top-rated overnight diapers, there are a few things that you need to know to get the best possible value for your money.

Not all of the diapers or brands are the same, and sometimes, you should understand the key features that will assert cheapness from real quality.


Best Overnight Diapers

How to Choose the Best Overnight Diapers

Many of the cheaper brands will skimp when it comes to comfort, and having an uncomfortable diaper could be as irritating to your baby as his or her crying to you.

With that said, it is important for you to look for quality to help create happiness and avoid frustration for both you and your baby at night.


The layers of the diapers will be the first thing you need to look at. Diapers are generally available with three layers, and these are the top sheet, absorbent core, and waterproof outer shell. Let’s look a little deeper at the function of each:

​1. Top sheet: The top sheet is the closest layer to your baby’s skin and this is one of the most important parts of the entire diaper. It should be soft and comfortable, without any sharp parts that could cause rash or abrasion while the baby is moving in their sleep.

2. Absorbent core: The core of the diaper is the part that will absorb all of the moisture from the urine and other moisture that could be present. The more moisture the nappy is capable of absorbing, the happier your baby will be.

In fact, babies will also be less inclined to feel dirty with better absorption, and this could allow them to sleep for longer periods of time.

3. Waterproof outer shell: No one like sleeping in their own urine or excrement and this is especially true for your baby. Babies do have an acute sense of smell, but the feeling of sleeping in a wet bet could be discouraging and also frustrating for your child.

With the waterproof outer core, you can ensure that the moisture stays in the diaper until you change it when you wake up.


Buying the right sized diaper is also fundamentally important. When your baby has the incorrect size, they might experience a rash or even leakage, which will cause them to wake up and demand to be changed more often.​

On the contrary, if the diaper is too small, it might cause your baby to become claustrophobic and extremely irritated. This will also keep them from sleeping and becoming overtired, which will terribly affect your nighttime, too.


Many diapers today also have their very own soothing lotions incorporated, but the better the lotion, the higher the price will be. It is also important to understand the type of lotion that has been included to ensure your baby will not get any rash.

The better diaper brands also have lotions with natural ingredients, which guarantee that your child will not have an allergic reaction in his or her sleep.​

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

Disposable diaper is the most common for overnight use. But sometimes, you might find the need to use cloth diapers, and while there is nothing wrong with this, you will need to weigh the options correctly to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Price Range

All of these features will combine to fall into a certain price range, and you need to get the most suitable diaper that you could afford.

Sometimes, the cheapest diaper is not the best bargain as they might lack in certain areas like the amount of fluid it can absorb or cause an allergic reaction to the skin of your baby.

By understanding these five features, you should have no trouble in finding the best overnight diapers that you can afford for your child.

To simplify things, even more, we have selected our picks for the top 5 overnight diapers in 2017 that could help you to save money and time in your quest of searching and trial and error with different types.


Best Overnight Diapers 2020: Our Top 5 Picks​

Overnigt Diaper NameSizePriceOur Ratings
Sposie Booster Pads Diaper DoublerAdjustable$$5/5
Pampers Swaddlers DiapersN, 1-6$4.9/5
Bambo Nature Maxi Baby Diapers1-6$$$4.2/5
Huggies Overnites Diapers3-6$$4/5
GoodNites Bedtime PantsS-M, L-XL$$$$4.5/5


Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler​

Available Sizes: Adjustable

The Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler Pads are perfect for not only nighttime use but also for traveling trips in the car as well. These pads can hold up to 8 ounces of moisture before showing any signs of leakage and fullness.

Also, your baby can enjoy the adjustable positioning of the diapers. Since these pads fit most training pants and they are quite comfortable to the baby, your child will be able to wear them for extended periods of time throughout the day.

The added absorbency ensures that the buildup of moisture does not lead to any rashes or skin burns. Since the pads are a little thicker, the moisture will not cause irritation and feeling of being dirty for your baby.

The pads have been designed for both boys and girls, and the fit can also be adjusted for your child, which means if you happen to have two or more babies still in diapers, you might settle for a pack of these to meet the needs of both your children.​

Furthermore, these diapers are really affordable, but one of the downsides is the fact that they are not made from organic materials. Also, the pads are quite small, and therefore, they might not be the best fit for older babies.

However, it’s still one of best overnight diapers on the market, and we strongly recommend you add these pads to your regular brand of diapers, which could save you from going through diapers at a rapid pace.​



  • Adjustable positioning
  • Highly absorbent
  • Abrasion and rash protection
  • Multi-gender use
  • Well-priced


  • These pads may not fit for a newborn or size 1

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers

Available Sizes: Newborn, 1-6

If you are looking for one of the most trusted diapers on the market, the Pampers Swaddlers Diapers should be at the top of your list.

Also, the Swaddler Diapers from Pampers is the number one choice used by hospitals throughout the US, especially for nighttime use. Since they provide great value for money, these diapers are the ideal types that you will buy in bulk for your baby.

The diapers also feature an added extra absorbent channel and this channel will ensure that your little one does not feel wet or irritated for up to 12 hours, thus meaning that you can sleep without any worries.

Furthermore, the added lining will also ensure that no leakages will ever present, and your baby does not need to be woken up every now and again for a change.

We highly recommend these diapers for the price as many other brands have lower unit count options. These overnight diapers are also free of any harmful by-products, and they have been clinically tested for the most sensitive of babies.

The diapers also come with an added wetness indicator, which will show you when it is time to change the diaper. This feature will be perfect for the inexperienced mother to learn the bathroom habits of their child.




  • Ideal for new mothers
  • Provides excellent absorption
  • Number one choice of US hospitals
  • Keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours
  • Available in many sizes with high unit count options
  • Trusted brand


  • Sharp edges might cause abrasions

Bambo Nature Maxi Baby Diapers

Available Sizes: 1-6

Designed from eco-friendly materials, the Bambo Nature Maxi Baby Diapers are some of the most reliable overnight diapers on the market.

These diapers provide an extra layer of softness to protect your baby’s skin and the ultra-absorbent core will ensure that your little one does not need to be changed all that often.

Since the diaper is free of any unnatural additives, your child will hardly have any allergic reaction from these diapers. The diapers are also safe for the environment, and once they have been recycled, the materials will not go wasted into nature.

Also, they have been dermatologically tested and FSC certified for babies of all ages. Unfortunately, you will be required to use your own type of lotion.

Since the diapers are extremely soft and can absorb large amounts of water, if you do not have moisture on hands, you can be sure that your baby’s bum will not burn, and there is also a very low chance of them developing any rash.

We highly recommend these diapers for people using other diapers as well. The diapers are quite affordable and can be used on their own, but they also become a little expensive over time, and that’s why we recommend them as a great alternative.



  • Provides great comfort
  • Eco-friendly materials have been used
  • FSC certified and dermatologically tested
  • Reduces the risk of allergic reactions


  • Does leak poop from time to time

Huggies Overnites Diapers

Available Sizes: 3-6

The Huggies Overnites Diapers are considered to be the best-selling brand, and it is also the name that most people choose based on their reputation. We also agree with their standing and believe that your baby will enjoy these diapers for the value they provide.

The diapers are really comfortable and can be adjusted to make sure your baby does have a comfortable fit while wearing them. Also, they are super absorbent and can keep your little one from becoming irritated for up to 12 hours.

This means that the baby should be able to sleep a bit longer and also allow you to have a peaceful sleep without being disturbed after a long day at work.

Furthermore, these diapers are also available in multiple different sizes. When you incorporate the added double grip strips, you will notice that no matter how many times your child tosses and turns, these diapers continue to stick.

Although these diapers are quite expensive, they can be drag out for longer periods of time when used in conjunction with a cheaper brand during the day. You might change a lot of diapers during the day, but you will have a great night sleep.



Super absorbent
Affordable price
Incorporates double grip to secure the diaper
12 hours of protection and absorption
Abrasion resistant
Trusted brand


  • The new design might be terrible, hope they can fix it soon

GoodNites Bedtime Pants

Available Sizes: S-M, L-XL

The GoodNites Bedtime Pants are one of the most comfortable pull up diapers you can find on the market. These diapers are also themed for your boys or girls to see their favorite cartoon characters on their diapers.

These diapers are available in multiple sizes and they have been designed for older boys and girls who are transitioning from the diaper to the potty.

Since younger children are not that good at holding their bladder, these diapers will also be an ideal choice for nighttime and long distance use. The diapers are super absorbent and can be simply swapped at the next stop without any hassles.

The diapers also absorb and mask the odor from children alleviating themselves, which could even save you in some embarrassing situations when the child is becoming older and needs to be more adept at using the toilet or potty.

Finally, these diapers offer five layers of protection to your little one and they are also absorbent for up to 12 hours.

We highly recommend these diapers for children transitioning to the potty as they will help to ensure that your baby does not wet the bed or even themselves when on the road.



  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Perfect for babies transitioning to the potty
  • Features cartoon character for your child’s entertainment
  • Easy to pull up or take off


  • May be too big for newborn and size 1
  • Most expensive overnight diapers on our list

What Is Your Favorite Overnight Diapers?

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of how overnight diapers work and how to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

If you’re still confused, we recommend the Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler as they can be used with any diaper and you will not need to buy a new one type that your baby might not like. These pads can be easily inserted and will work in conjunction with the diaper to keep your little one dry at night.

We would also like to encourage you to let us know what you think of our list and if we might have missed any of your favorite diapers.