As a parent, one of the worst things that you could possibly face is a fever from your little one. The younger the child, the bigger the chance of the fever becoming life threatening and you might need to have your baby hospitalized.

This could cost you a lot of money that you could have saved and many babies do eventually contract more serious illnesses.

We have decided to look into the best forehead thermometer and find some of the best thermometers that will help you get the best read and also allow you to prevent these illnesses before they can cause substantial damage to the child.


Forehead Thermometer NamePriceOur Rating
iProven DMT-489$$5/5
Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer$$4.5/5
Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer
PREVE Non-Contact Infrared Medical Clinical Forehead Thermometer$$4/5
iLifePlus Clinical Forehead Thermometer FDA Approved$$4.2/5

The thermometer is not necessarily that expensive, but it is quintessential that you know how to purchase a good one. Before we get into the top forehead thermometers, there are a few things you need to know.

We have also comprised a detailed guide that will help you get the best value for your money and ensure that you get the forehead thermometer that will give you the most accurate read.


Best Forehead Thermometer: What You Need to Know

Why You Should Get a Forehead Thermometer?

The forehead thermometer is not only important to have if you are a new parent, but it could also be good to have for anyone that gets sick close to you. A temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher is extremely risky and cannot be felt with the bare hand.

At this temperature, you might find that the person could potentially have seizures. With a forehead thermometer, you will be prepared and able to spot these things before they happen.

A good forehead thermometer will ensure that you pick up on these signs early and you could book a person in the hospital before the situation becomes uncontainable.

A forehead thermometer will also be good for your babies and it is important to know the temperature of a baby under three months old as they are potentially even more at risk when it comes to having a seizure.

We highly recommend that you invest in a good thermometer to ensure that you get the desired results and stop fever as soon as it is picked up.​

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How to Choose the Best Forehead Thermometer


Choose Best Forehead Thermometer


Thermometers are not that intricate, but there are still a few things or features that you should consider when you are looking for one. These features are not that expensive and you could look for all of them in your thermometer.

Since we are discussing the forehead thermometer, we will mostly be looking at the infrared thermometers, but we will talk about the differences as well:

1. Digital Stick Thermometer or Infrared Thermometer

The digital stick thermometer is the most commonly chosen thermometer, but it’s not designed for the forehead. These thermometers are ideal for younger babies as getting a better read on their temperature is usually done at the rectum.


Forehead Infrared Thermometer


The infrared thermometer is a little more complex and it makes use of infrared waves to get a better reading. These thermometers can be used near the ears and the forehead to ensure that you get a more accurate reading.

Older children and adults are the best subjects to use the infrared thermometer on.

2. Mercury Free Design

In the old days, we had the basic glass thermometer and while many people still use these today, they are not the best for you or your baby.

The glass thermometers have mercury inside and this is one of the most dangerous metals, which could potentially lead to mercury poisoning.

Glass Thermometer Mercury

3. Response Time

Nothing is more frustrating that having to wait for a few ages while in a stressed out state for the reading to come through.

When you purchase some of the best thermometers, you will find that they have faster response times and many of them will give you the reading in 1-3 seconds.

4. Accuracy

The accuracy is sometimes left out, but it actually plays an important role when you are looking for a thermometer. The accuracy will give you the correct read and once you have the correct read, you can act with more precision.

When we talk about the higher temperatures over 100 degrees, it can be quite daunting to act with an inaccurate read from the thermometer.

5. Age and Temperature Technology


Thumb Up Girl


Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you might find yourself having some troubles when it comes to accurately knowing what the temperatures mean.

Many of the more advanced thermometers will have an indication that will indicate to you when the fever is considered to be high.

Some can also be adjusted for the age and size of the person using it. These are a little more expensive, but technology can be a real life saver.

We do highly rate these features and we think that you should consider looking for them when you are purchasing a good thermometer.

It might be easy to stick with the one passed down from generation to generation, but they do lack in accuracy and many of the materials used in the construction of those older thermometers are not really that good for the child.

A Word of Warning

We have found many parents who like to put the thermometer close by or next to the baby’s items. This might not be the best way to go and you can potentially be putting your baby in harm’s way.

Many thermometers are not that hygienic. If small parts are present, they could also lead to choking hazards. We recommend keeping the baby’s thermometer away from them or putting it out of reach to ensure that your baby is not in harm’s way.

With that being said, here are the top five forehead thermometers of 2017:​

Best Forehead Thermometer 2020: Our Top 5 Picks

Forehead Thermometer NamePriceOur Rating
iProven DMT-489$$5/5
Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer$$4.5/5
Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer
PREVE Non-Contact Infrared Medical Clinical Forehead Thermometer$$4/5
iLifePlus Clinical Forehead Thermometer FDA Approved$$4.2/5

iProven DMT-489

First, on our list, we have an extremely well-designed thermometer. The Medical Ear Thermometer with forehead function is one of the multifunctional thermometers that you will find and it’s also one of the most accurate on the market today.

With no mercury included, this thermometer is safe for use in any location, but the infrared waves are designed to allow you fast and efficient temperature reads from the ears and the forehead.

Another thing we really like about this thermometer is the fact that it’s durable and consistent. This thermometer can be dropped (which you shouldn’t), and it’ll still give you constant reads to ensure you know what the temperature is.

Babies like this as it doesn’t really touch them or force them into uncomfortable situations. This thermometer also features a good memory and you can recall the past 20 readings to show the pediatrician if necessary.

Most medical professionals recommend this forehead thermometer for its functionality and the fact that you only have two buttons, which makes it very easy to operate.

This is one of the more affordable thermometers on the list, but for the value it provides, we strongly recommend it as our number one pick. This thermometer is good for all ages and will definitely be an asset to have in the home.


  • Extremely durable
  • Well-priced
  • Consistent and accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • Good memory included
  • Trusted by professionals


  • No cons found

Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer

The Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer work on the same basic principles as the first thermometer on our list and it is also one of the top medical thermometers to give you an extremely accurate read on the temperature of your children.

This thermometer can also be used for both the ear and the forehead, making it more functional for you.

The thermometer features an upgraded infrared lens and this lens will definitely make the reads more accurate than their similar models, while also taking less time for the read to register on the system.

Also, this thermometer can store up to 2 different reads, which makes it great for showing your doctor. The thermometer is recommended for children of 1 year and up, but it can also be used by adults if fever is suspected.

Another benefit of this thermometer is the two-button functioning and you will only have two buttons to operate the entire thermometer. Medical professionals also highly regard it and you will find that they use it in medical practices as well.

With all of these functions and upgraded technology, it should not be any surprise that it is quite expensive, but you will never need another thermometer ever again.


  • Durable design
  • Good consistency
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and accurate readings


  • Expensive


Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer

The Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer is not the cheapest on the market and it is definitely one of the most advanced thermometers you can find.

This thermometer sets itself apart with the impressive response time it offers users and you should not have to wait for results. The thermometer will get you an accurate read within one second of using it.

Another great feature incorporated into this thermometer is the ability to read the room temperature. This should allow you to know if the room is causing the baby to have a high fever and you could avoid any false alarms.

The thermometer will also have a voice and let you know what the temperature is without having to see the display, which makes it perfect for dark rooms.

We also liked the fact that the thermometer does not need to be in contact with the child and you could store a few of the results.

The only downside is the fact that the thermometer is quite tricky to use at first with all of the functions and you should spend some time reading the instruction to get the thermometer to work.

This thermometer might seem more expensive, but it features advanced technology and functionality. You will also have a 2-year warranty and we highly recommend it to have in the house and for people of all ages.


  • Multifunctional
  • Reads the room temperature
  • Includes 2-year warranty
  • Includes a speaking voice in English and Spanish



  • Tricky to operate
  • Might be a little pricey


PREVE Non-Contact Infrared Medical Clinical Forehead Thermometer


With a colored screen for night time use, the PREVE non-contact Infrared Medical forehead thermometer is another extremely functional thermometer to have in the home.

This thermometer is also designed with advanced technology and will give you the temperature reading in less than one second, which could allow you to act faster in case trouble arises and the reading is too high.

Also, the thermometer is extremely functional and it includes three functions that you could use. The thermometer will allow you to read the temperature of the body, the room and the surface, which could allow you to spot false alarms before seeking professional medical advice at an expensive price.

We were highly intrigued by the design and children also like the fact that the thermometer does not directly have to touch them.

The price on this thermometer is also really affordable and it falls in the same general price range you would expect from advanced thermometers.

We do recommend it a little higher for the added functionality and features, but you should take the time to read the instructions to ensure that you understand how to operate it.


  • Small design
  • Multifunctional
  • Accurate readings
  • Added 2-year warranty


  • A little harder to operate


iLifePlus Clinical Forehead Thermometer FDA Approved

The Clinical forehead thermometer from iLifePlus is another good thermometer for you to use and keep in the home.

This thermometer is stylishly designed and it also offers you the opportunity of getting accurate temperature readings without having to touch the person you are getting the reading from.

The thermometer also features a voice to read out the temperature, but the lit up display will make it easy to see it in the dark.

The thermometer is also multifunctional and you will be able to measure the body temperature, surface temperature, and even the bottle temperature before giving your baby a bottle that might be too hot.

The response time is very fast and you could get the reading in less than one second when used according to the instructions provided. With only three buttons, this thermometer is easy to operate and you should have good results with it.

This is the cheapest thermometer on the list and while it might be great and give you good functionality, it is a little inaccurate and lacks in durability. We do recommend keeping this one safe from children and not dropping it.


  • FDA approved
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to operate
  • No-touch operating


  • Lacks durability and accuracy to some extent


What Is Your Favorite Forehead Thermometer?​

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we do hope that you now have a better understanding of thermometers and how they work.

We would like to recommend the Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function – iProven DMT-489 not only for the functionality and the easy to use design but for the price as well. This thermometer is reasonably priced and highly regarded among medical professionals.

We would like you to let us know what you think of our list and also share your thoughts on these products in the comment section.