As much as we want dainty and useful things for our babies, it’s not always the most practical of options. If you’ve ever had to carry a fully packed one, you’ll understand.

Yes, you can hang it from your stroller, but you’ll also run the risk of toppling the entire thing over, baby and all. We were recently in the search for a nappy bag and decided to look at the best backpack diaper bag options that are available at the moment.


Backpack Diaper BagPriceOur Ratingd
Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag$5/5
Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Sundry Bag
Cateep Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack with Changing Pad and Stroller Clips
Wallaroo Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Wet Bag and Diaper Changing Pad
YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack Handbag

6 Reasons You Should Have A Backpack Diaper Bag

1. Lugging a diaper bag over your shoulder can get exhausting. Imagine you try carrying grocery bags, a baby and a diaper bag up three flights of stairs to get to your apartment. The novelty of a lovely shoulder bag soon loses its appeal.

2. A backpack diaper frees up your hands to do other things, and because it looks less “nanny” and more “manny”, men won’t feel emasculated carrying it around.

3. Your hands will be free to take as many pictures as you want with your beloved child.

4. Whether you’re running, cycling, speed-walking (or watching from the sidelines), a backpack diaper back is the only way to go.

5. Eating an ice-cream or sandwich is so much easier with two hands.

6. Should you need to break out in dance during a planned flash mob, you can do jazz hands.

Necessity is the mother of all invention.

Messenger style diaper bags don’t distribute the weight evenly and can lead to very sore backs while changing it from shoulder to shoulder can become annoying.



What to Put in Your Backpack Diaper Bag?

First time moms, we’re here to tell you that it’s not only a diaper, a ag of wet wipes and your mobile phone that you need to carry around with you. A well-stocked bag will probably have the following items:

For Baby

  • A few diapers
  • A lot of wet wipes
  • A tube of rash cream
  • A changing pad
  • Scented sacks for those dirty diapers
  • A burp cloth
  • One or two different outfits
  • A bottle or a sippy cup
  • Binkies, blankies, pretend play toys
  • A bottle sterilizer when traveling
  • Hat and sunscreen

For Mom

  • Healthy snacks
  • A water bottle
  • Your wallet
  • Your cell phone
  • Sunglasses
  • House keys and car keys
  • Sunscreen and cosmetic bag
  • A book
  • Your sense of humor


How to Choose the Best Backpack Diaper Bag

There are loads of backpack diaper bags available but we’ve got a few helpful suggestions. These features, although not essential, make your bag work better for you. So, what should you look for?

1. Space, Space and More Space

When you consider what actually goes into a diaper bag, you’ll understand the need for storage straight away.

However, you don’t just want space where everything you put in disappears into a big black hole, and never to be found again. You need a bag that is also organized.

A good backpack diaper bag will have space for all of those goodies above, give or take a few, and they’ll be easy to find. Also, think about getting a bag that opens wide and has a light interior – this makes it easier when you’re looking for something.

Furthermore, a bag with insulated and waterproof sections and pockets is a good choice.​

2. Pockets with a Purpose

How many times have you urgently need to get hold of the wet-wipes or a pacifier? And how many times have you rummaged through a diaper bag desperately trying to find it?

Too many to count!

A backpack diaper bag with pockets made for specific items is convenient and will save you time, frustrations and awkward moments.

The best backpack diaper bag options will have pockets allocated to baby wipes, or they’ll have a baby wipe dispenser built in.


3. Padded Straps

There are some things you might think are unnecessary, but walk around the local park or zoo for 40 minutes with a backpack diaper bag without padded straps, and you’ll soon understand why we suggest them.

With padded straps, you’ll avoid it digging into your skin and uncomfortable chafing.

These are the most important things for it to be considered a good backpack diaper bag. Of course, as time goes on you’ll come up with your own system that reduces the time to pack it and to get things out.

4. Fabric

Another one of those features to look for is the fabric or material the bag is made of. You’re going to be using it a lot and in the strangest of places.

More often than not, it’s going to be on the floor or carried in and out of bathrooms, so you want a backpack diaper bag that is going to be easy to keep clean and bacteria-free. Preferably look for one that’s water and stain repellent.

The ideal bag should only need a gentle wipe down with warm water and soap. Besides, it should be able to withstand a quick spray of a disinfectant, without wearing through.

Leather and vinyl are easy to keep clean and look stylish. However, depending on where you are and how warm it gets, they might be too hot to carry around in the summer months.


Best Backpack Diaper Bag 2017: Our Top 5 Picks


Backpack Diaper BagPriceOur Ratingd
Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag$5/5
Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Sundry Bag
Cateep Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack with Changing Pad and Stroller Clips
Wallaroo Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Wet Bag and Diaper Changing Pad
YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack Handbag

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Backpack Diaper Bag


The Graco Gotham Backpack Diaper Bag is a popular choice and it’s easy to see why. It’s as stylish as it is functional with a lot of compartments and a nice spacious inside.

What we particularly like is that it has shoulder straps as well as an easy carry handle and its very own changing pad, which means one less thing for you to worry about.

There is a large interior pocket as well as individualized compartments and zipped pockets to safely store everything from burp cloths, clothes, toys and a whole lot more.

There are a few zippered compartments on the outside too with an insulated bottle pocket that can hold two baby bottles and a baby wipe dispenser on either side.

You’ll be pleased to know that the compartments and pockets have zips and not Velcro, which can be noisy when opening, can stick to clothes and fabrics and eventually shows signs of wear and tear.

The bag is well made, spacious and definitely worth the money.


  • Well-priced
  • Super spacious
  • Baby wipe dispensers on either side of the bag
  • Diaper changing pad included
  • Lots of pockets both inside and outside
  • Padded straps


  • The changing pad isn’t the best quality

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Sundry Bag

You know that when you buy an item with a lifetime warranty, you’re getting an awesome product. The Bag Nation Backpack with stroller straps is one of the best travel bags and perfect for long hauls and loads of shopping trips.

The very popular backpack diaper bag is made of a lightweight material that is durable and stylish.

The bag has 12 pockets, which means everything has a place and the spacious main compartment can fit changes of clothing, nappies, blankets, and a whole lot more.

You can keep essentials close by, including bottles in the insulated side pockets. An additional feature is the changing pad pocket that doubles up as laptop holder when you’re traveling.

A strong contender for of the best backpack diaper bags.


  • Comes with a durable changing mat and a sundry bag
  • Has stroller straps, no need to buy stroller hooks, hangers or clips
  • A perfect bag for parents that are constantly on the go
  • Has more than enough space
  • High-quality polyester


  • For some people, the bag just wasn’t strong enough

Cateep Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack with Changing Pad and Stroller Clips


This backpack diaper bag not only looks good, it serves its purpose and then some.

It has a roomy interior with lots of space. The main compartment is divided by two mesh pockets, with a middle layer for holding bottles and drinks. There’s even place for a notebook.

An additional pocket stores spare diapers, clothes and there’s a zipped pocket for keys and a wallet or cash.

The Smart Organizer has a moisture proof pocket baby’s pacifier, and there’s a waterproof area for wet clothes, damp towels, or anything else that might need a separate space.

Unlike a lot of diaper bags that carry one or two bottles, this travel diaper backpack has space for three, which means it’s perfect if you’re going away from home for a while or if you have more than one baby that needs feeding.

It has 16 pockets in total, including space for a 15” laptop.

The fact that you can use it as a backpack, a tote or a shoulder bag makes it very versatile and a popular choice.aa


The bag comes with a changing pad
Has 2 stroller clips
The main compartment is huge
Has baby wipes container
4 color options


The bag is a good size but it’s not sturdy enough

Wallaroo Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Wet Bag and Diaper Changing Pad

The Wallaroo Backpack Diaper Bag is another one of those bags that is functional as it is fashionable.

The quilted design gives it a beautiful finish and adds to the comfort of carrying it out around while the high-tensile nylon stitching means it’s durable and can withstand years of use.

Although it looks on the small side, it’s the perfect backpack diaper bag for day to day use. There are loads of pockets and compartments with insulated pockets and zipper pockets for mobile phones, keys or other smaller items.

It includes a small waterproof changing pad and can also hold a notebook. The easy-clip stroller straps attach to your stroller which makes it perfect for quick trips to the shop.


  • The pockets are easy to access; for your mobile, keys or wallet
  • Available in purple, blue
  • Has changing pad
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • May be too “pretty” for men to happily carry around

YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack Handbag


If diaper bags were celebrities the YuHan travel backpack and handbag would be an A-lister.

Available in eight color options, it’s made of a durable nylon that is waterproof, it copes well with extended use and can carry a whole load of essentials, without feeling too bulky or uncomfortable.

The diaper bag comes with its own changing pad and there are 16 storage pocket, inside and out, another six external easy to access pockets and 3 large pockets with zips in the front.

The breathable mesh pockets accommodate any wet items without causing mold or bacteria, and the waterproof fabric means a quick wipe down will keep it looking brand new.

The YuHan bag has stroller attachments and it can convert into a messenger style bag or shoulder bag, making it versatile and practical.


  • Waterproof pockets
  • Up to eight color options
  • Baby wipe pocket and a pacifier pouch
  • Has 4 insulation bags


  • The material used to make it isn’t the best quality

What Is Your Favorite Backpack Diaper Bag?

There are loads of backpack diaper bags to choose from but we suggest that if push comes to shove, function should beat fashion.

To make getting around as easy and as pleasant as possible, a bag that is easy to pack, allows you to store things neatly and gives you access to the essentials quickly is the perfect one. My favorite backpack diaper bag is definitely the Bag Nation one, which includes everything you need and has a lifetime warranty.