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How to Tell If Baby Is Head Down

Baby’s Position: How to Tell If Your Baby Is Head Down

Pregnancy, especially during the third trimester, can be incredibly tired all the time!

Third Trimester

What with all the changes taking place inside your body and all the strangers offering well-meaning, sometimes overwhelming advice. The problem with this is no two pregnancies are the same, which means there is no such thing as a correct or definitive answer.

A common question from expectant moms is "how to tell if baby is head down?" It’s an important one because this position means your child is ready to make his or her grand entrance into the world.

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Watery Discharge During Pregnancy

Watery Discharge During Pregnancy: 7 Types That You Need to Know

During pregnancy, your body is going through a lot of changes. After all, you’re growing a human inside of you. You’re also going to become very acquainted with your vagina, from all angles.

All pregnant women will notice a watery discharge during pregnancy; it might be different regarding the color, the smell, and even the consistency but it’s going to happen.

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When Does Linea Nigra Appear

When Does Linea Nigra Appear? 7 Simple Ways to Prevent It Getting Darker

Pregnancy brings on a lot of changes to your body, and while some might be expected, like your growing belly, others are less so, like hairs sprouting out of your chin or other unusual places, and of course, Linea Nigra.

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What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like

What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like? 8 Reliable Ways to Survive It

For such a joyful event, pregnancy has one heck of a way to introduce itself. The absolute elation of finding out you’re going to be a mom goes down the toilet quicker than your first bout of morning sickness.

Even though it is one of the most unpleasant symptoms, you’ll be pleased to know it disappears relatively soon, and there are ways to manage morning sickness.

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Can You Feel Your Baby's Heartbeat

Can You Feel Your Baby’s Heartbeat: 4 Things That Make You Confused

When I was pregnant with my first child, it was all so new to me; I was constantly trying to find answers to every question I had. One day, I touched my stomach and thought that I felt my baby’s heartbeat! Have any of you ever experienced this?

Well, I needed answers because I have never heard of it before. So, I looked online to find out that it is impossible to feel your baby’s heartbeat in your belly.​

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