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First Response Pregnancy Test Faint Line

First Response Pregnancy Test Faint Line: Here’s All You Need to Know!

So you peed on the pregnancy test, and it came up ambiguous: you’ve got one regular line and one very faint line.

What does a faint line on a pregnancy test mean? Below is everything you need to know.

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Green Poop While Pregnant

Green Poop While Pregnant: 6 Common Reasons You Need to Know

Things can get kind of weird when you’re pregnant. You do weird things, want weird things, weird things go into you, and maybe, weird things come out of you. Sometimes, things happen that you don’t want to talk about, one of them being that strange green poop.

So why green poop when you’re pregnant? What’s in it? And is it normal?

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Do Prenatal Vitamins Make You Gain Weight

Do Prenatal Vitamins Make You Gain Weight: Finally, The Truth!

There is a joke that goes something like this:

With your first pregnancy you can’t wait to get into maternity clothes, with your second pregnancy you drag it out as long as possible before using your maternity clothes, and with your third pregnancy your regular clothes already are maternity clothes.

I went through three (relatively) healthy pregnancies and gained weight with each one, between 20 to 40 pounds worth. With that said, the joke turns out to be true; you will gain weight with the joy of pregnancy.

But can your prenatal vitamins have anything to do with it?

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Can Pregnant Women Eat Pizza

Can Pregnant Women Eat Pizza and How to Make a Healthy One!

Have you ever wondered if pizza is fit or not during pregnancy? Well, pizza has become the favorite delicacy for people all around the world.

In fact, Americans are eating about 350 slices of pizzas per second!

However, when it comes to the consumption by the expecting moms, even the safest food need to be eaten with care. Naturally, pizza contains some ingredients which are potential carriers of the harmful microbes.

The microbes on consumption affect both you and your unborn baby’s health. In this article, we will look at some problems that arise on pizza consumption during pregnancy. Also, we will discuss some precautions and how to make a healthy pizza at home!

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Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy

Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy: Things You Need to Know

During pregnancy, there are so many changes that take place inside your body, from your hormones being slightly off kilter to the little human growing inside your belly.

Every month brings on many changes and if you are a first-time mom-to-be, invariably something else to worry about.

Like cloudy urine during pregnancy – what causes it and could it be a health problem?

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