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Baby Farts a Lot

Baby Farts a Lot: 9 Interesting Facts That You Need to Know!

She is the absolute apple of your eye, so sweet and pretty that you could just eat her up. You love to show her off to friends, family, or random strangers except for one very embarrassing reason: your beautiful little baby farts a lot 🙁

Is this normal? And what can you do to help it? Below, we have a list of 9 interesting facts about your little bomber (and some that are a little gross).

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Baby Cereal Pancakes

How to Make Baby Cereal Pancakes: A Tasty Dessert!

How many mothers have bought rice or another baby cereal for their precious little one, only to find that he or she hates it? It’s actually not that surprising if you taste it yourself – it’s pretty bland stuff.

Well, I have found this great little recipe which is a fantastic way to use up leftover baby cereal and make snacks that the whole family will love, precious little ones included.

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When Can Babies Have Ice Cream

When Can Babies Have Ice Cream: 15 Simple Recipes for Your Family!

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!

Everyone loves ice cream and on particularly hot days, it’s even more tempting to give our children a scoop or two of their own. But when can babies have ice cream?, especially given it is a dairy product, loaded with sugar and fat?

Experts suggest we should hold off with the ice cream until after baby is at least 12 months old.

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Can Babies Eat Mushrooms

Can Babies Eat Mushrooms: 5 Easy Recipes for Your Baby

Recently, more and more moms want to know “can babies eat mushrooms?”, “at what age?” and “what is the best way to prepare them?”

The simple answer is yes, babies can eat mushrooms once you have introduced solid foods. Most babies are ready for solid foods between 4 and 6 months but it does vary.

Many health experts agree that six months is usually the best time because the digestive system is more developed and can handle solids and most agree that between 10 and 12 months is a good time to introduce mushrooms.

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Why Do Babies Cry When They Are Born

Why Do Babies Cry When They Are Born: Is It Necessary?

Becoming a parent for the first time is possibly one of the most amazing moments in your life. It signifies a new chapter in your life and the beginning of a roller coaster that is never going to end, at least not for a while.

It also means finding out as much as possible about your little being’s development. With all the pregnancy apps around nowadays, you can share all sorts of milestones, like its size compared to popular vegetables, and up-to-date information for first-time dads.

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