Can Babies See Ghosts

Can Babies See Ghosts? 10 Signs Your Baby Has This Special Ability!

I See Dead People

Remember the movie Sixth Sense where the main character, Haley Joel Osment, saw dead people?

Well, as far-fetched as it may seem, there is a high chance that most children and babies can see ghosts. However, an encounter with a spirit is usually no big deal for them; it’s adults that freak out and want to arrange an exorcism post-haste.

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Can You Feel Your Baby's Heartbeat

Can You Feel Your Baby’s Heartbeat: 4 Things That Make You Confused

When I was pregnant with my first child, it was all so new to me; I was constantly trying to find answers to every question I had. One day, I touched my stomach and thought that I felt my baby’s heartbeat! Have any of you ever experienced this?

Well, I needed answers because I have never heard of it before. So, I looked online to find out that it is impossible to feel your baby’s heartbeat in your belly.​

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